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Emma Jaeger

Hi and welcome to my website! I'm a second-year student at the University of California, Berkeley planning to study Computer Science. I'm interested in finding a summer job or internship that will give me further experience in the field of CS. Please contact me if you have any opportunities available.

Teaching Resources

I am currently a TA (teaching assistant) for Data 8, also known as CS C8, which is UC Berkeley's introductory data science course. Data 8 covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of coding in Python, statistics, and regression. I took Data 8 my freshman year with very little prior CS experience and fell in love with the course. Ever since, I've been on Data 8 staff. I really enjoy helping others learn, especially about a topic I enjoy so much. Please see below for any updated resources I'll be releasing for Data 8 this fall!

Anonymous Feedback Form- Please give me feedback on my teaching so I can improve and help you learn best!

Slides Lab 1
Slides Lab 2
Slides Lab 3
Slides Lab 4
For the presentation for Lab 5, I used Vinitra's slides, which can be found here.
Midterm Study Tips
Slides Lab 6