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Emma Jaeger

Hi and welcome to my website! I'm a second-year student at the University of California, Berkeley planning to study Computer Science. I'm interested in finding a summer job or internship that will give me further experience in the field of CS. Please contact me if you have any opportunities available.


I enjoy taking on side projects in my free time. Here are a few of the things I've been working on.
Unite App

Created during Cal Hacks 3.0. I worked on this project with a number of talented friends (Shreya Sahoo, Thu Nguyen, Bansi Parekh, and Alyssa Huang).

The last few years of American history have been filled with increasing political and social unrest. Especially with the turbulent aftermath of the 2016 election, we were reminded of the importance of staying safe while voicing our opinions. While demonstrations seem to be inextricably entwined with Berkeley culture, the wide range of experiences we hear about from peers is at times disconcerting. Through creating a communication platform geared specifically towards keeping protestors informed, we hope to give students a more immersive yet safe experience when letting their voices be heard.

For most of our team, this project represented the accomplishment of our first hackathon and iOS app. In a mere 36 hours, we were able to immerse ourselves in the basics of iOS app creation and teach ourselves Swift and Sketch.

I personally worked on the front end and mockups for our project. This was my first time using Sketch, an app used for front end integration and visualization (in combination with Photoshop).

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Charitable Act Website

I worked with the charity organization Charitable Act, which runs theater camps for underprivileged chilren, to create the graphics and layout for their website. I made the logo for the group, which features a stage and red curtains, in early 2014, and worked more to develop their website in late 2015 and early 2016. Most of my work for this site was done in Photoshop (which I used to create the logo and many of the graphics) and Weebly (a platform for website design).

Charitable Act is an organization that has a lot of meaning to me personally, and that I feel is truly helping to have a positive impact. Not only did I design the logo and website for the group, I have also volunteered to help with the camp for the past two summers by painting sets. I hope to continue to help in the future by keeping the site modern and up-to-date.

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